Cities of Sten

Deep beneath the earth, the natural magic courses through the living rocks that hold all creation upon their backs. Ley lines we call them, humanity has spent its whole existence mapping them out and learning how to harness them. Like a water wheel in a river, we can draw some small magic out of the earth but the truest and most powerful pools of energy occur where two or more lines cross. In these junctions, the magic builds, like a lake fed by many rivers and streams. Our ancestors knew it, and so it was that they began to build their homes upon these places of convergence. Generation by generation we perfected the art of drawing magic from the earth beneath us and so in turn our cities grew, rising from the earth like trees. Tower blocks and high rises as far as the eye could see. We harnessed the magic of the earth and made for ourselves a forest of concrete and cunning which we move through like animals on the hunt. Everything you could want is here, from the beauty of our music halls to the challenge of our casinos, the powerhouses of great enterprise, the restaurants, bars, theatres and dance halls. These cities are alive with the magic of the convergence.

They say that some have shun it, gone out beyond the walls to the desolate wastes where the lights can't shine and the magic can't flow. They say that people have, but no-one has ever come back from those dark places.

Until now ...

Cities of Sten is a Roleplay Game World created with Dungeon Rune

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